The Most Instagrammed Restaurants In L.A.

Photographed by Maria Del Rio.
Almost everyone is guilty of some form of oversharing. Many people suffer from an uncontrollable selfie obsession. Others feel the need to document each moment in the life of their adorable dog. But, our favorite offenders have to be those who snap a pic of every single delicious morsel they eat. It makes window shopping for our next great meal that much easier.
To prove our point, we've rounded up the most popular Los Angeles eateries on Instagram. The range is a mix of tastes, price points, and Zagat ratings. Some just showed up on the scene a few years back, while others — like In-N-Out Burger — are some of L.A.'s most iconic spots. In the end, why certain restaurants make for a more popular snap than others remains a mystery. What they definitely have in common is serving up pure, unadulterated #foodporn. Click ahead, and start planning your next dinner out.
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We might go as far as to say that this is the most Instagrammed brunch in town.

Sqirl, 720 North Virgil Avenue (near Marathon Street); 213-394-6526.
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Classic Indian cuisine meets American gastropub fare in this downtown L.A. outpost — the dishes are hearty and bright, leaving no lackluster Instagram to be taken.

Badmaashla 108 W. 2nd Street (at S. Main Street); 213-221-7466.
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Trois Familia
This daytime-only joint serves inventive Mexican-French fare in colorful digs — be sure to snap a shot of sensationally spiraled beet tartare tostada.

Trois Familia, 3510 Sunset Boulevard (between Golden Gate and Maltman Avenue); 323-725-7800.
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Come and Instagram your heart out if you believe that a cheesy pie is a pizza art (wink).

Pizzana, 11712 San Vicente Boulevard (at S. Barrington Avenue); 310-481-7108.
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Providence is one of those chic and niche noshing spots where the line between art and food has been majorly blurred — undoubtedly for the sole purpose of elevating your Instagram feed.

Providence, 5955 Melrose Avenue (between Cole and Wilcox Avenue); 323-460-4170.
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Mixed Company
If you have a thing for eating (and Instagramming) fluffy fried eggs on toasty bread, then you'll be in good company at Mixed Company.

Mixed Company, 3903 W. Sunset Boulevard (at Hyperion Avenue); 323-661-6307.
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Eating Gusto's famous bucatini carbonara with bits of pancetta, egg yolk, black pepper, and pecorino is almost as good as Instagramming it.

Gusto, 8022 W. 3rd Street (at Blackburn Avenue); 323-951-9800.
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Wexler's Deli
Wexler's kippered salmon toast with radish and tobiko is the West Coast's social media opp. version of NYC's bagel with lox spread.

Wexler's Deli, 317 S. Broadway (at W. 3rd Street); 213-620-0633.
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Breakfast By Salt's Cure
Two words: griddle cakes.

Breakfast by Salt's Cure, 1155 Highland Avenue (at Lexington Avenue); 323-465-7258.
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This airy L.A. spot is a dream come true for the veggie-obsessed; sip on a freshly juiced cocktail and snap a shot of your salad (made from local greens, of course).

PYT, 400 S. Main Street (at E. 4th Street); 213-687-7015.
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Wax Paper
Wax Paper has the freshest of slices and sammy-snapping material.

Wax Paper, 2902 Knox Avenue (at Blake Avenue); 323-284-8857.
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Midori Matcha & Cafe
Get your mean green matcha fix at this L.A. cafe.

Midori Matcha & Cafe, 123 Astronaut E S Onizuka Street (at Judge John Aiso Street).
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Botanica Restaurant & Market
Get your fix of airy seasonal fare shots at this magazine turned fresh restaurant-market.

Botanica Restaurant & Market, 1620 Silver Lake Boulevard (at Effie Street);323-522-6106.
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Pink Taco
The color pink and tacos — does it get more millennial than that? Oh, did we mention that there are also margaritas served out of pineapples? Yeah, get your Instagram feeds ready.

Pink Taco, 8225 Sunset Boulevard (at Roxbury Road); 323-380-7474.
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Photo: Via @sugarfiend13.
For fresh and funky Filipino-inspired fare, LASA in L.A. is your spot.

LASA, 727 N. Broadway (between Alpine and Ord Street); 213-443-6163.
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Photo: Via @infatuation_la.
Cafe Birdie
It's as if the heavens opened up with shining light on perfect dishes — for the perfect Instagram.

Cafe Birdie, 5631 N. Figueroa Street (at N. Avenue 57); 323-739-6928.
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Photo: Via @samesamethai.
Same Same
Thai food has never been trendier.

Same Same, 2835 Sunset Boulevard (at Silver Lake Boulevard); 213-273-8424.
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Photo: Via @centopastabar.
Cento Pasta Bar
Cento has all your rustic pasta shots covered.

Cento Pasta Bar, 128 E 6th Street (at S. Los Angeles Street); 213-489-0131.
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Photo: Via @shige076.
Project Poke
Forget sushi burritos — it's all about sushi doughnuts now.

Project Poke, 16051 Brookhurst Street (at Edinger Avenue); 714-468-3809.
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Photo: Via @amanda100lc.

A Venice Beach beauty filled with ice cold rosé and fresh fish fillets — get your 'grams ready.

LEONA, 123 Washington Boulevard (at Strongs Drive); 310-822-5379.
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Photo: Via @marycake.
The Hart & The Hunter
A cozy L.A. brunch destination that may or may not have perfected the hygge food trend before it was officially a thing.

The Hart and the Hunter, 7950 Melrose Avenue (in the Palihotel Melrose); 323-424-3055.
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Photo: Courtesy of @lifeslittlelookbook.
The Ivy Restaurant
Sure, this classic L.A. spot is a little over the top, but its Cajun Bloody Mary might just change your life.

The Ivy, 113 North Robertson Boulevard (near Alden Drive); 310-274-8303.
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Photo: Courtesy of @Goop.
Bay Cities
The Godmother — a delicious combo of Genoa salami, prosciutto, mortadella, coppacola, ham, and provolone cheese on crusty Italian bread — likes having her photo taken more than any other sandwich we know. Be sure to order yours with the works.

Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery, 1517 Lincoln Boulevard (at Broadway); 310-395-8279.
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Photo: Courtesy of @thefoodologymaster.
Café Gratitude
A photo of this vegan spot is often followed by a "#blessed."

Café Gratitude, 639 Larchmont Boulevard (near Melrose Avenue); 323-580-6383.
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Photo: Courtesy of @s_bentz.
Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles
Constant proof that sweet-and-fried is the perfect combination.

Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles, click here for locations
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Photo: Courtesy of @shopheritage.
Intelligentsia Coffee
The coffee competition is getting fierce in L.A. these days, but Intelligentsia's definitely holding court as number one on Instagram.

Intelligentsia, 3922 West Sunset Boulevard (near Sanborn Avenue); 323-663-6173.
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Photo: Courtesy of @deluxe714.
If you don't believe this is the perfect breakfast sandwich, just wait until you take your first bite.

Eggslut, 317 South Broadway (near East 3rd Street); 213-624-2378.
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Photo: Courtesy of @cherrylovesfood.
Raffi's Place
This Middle Eastern go-to is very popular in feeds on Sunday afternoons, usually with a caption related to being hungover.

Raffi's Place, 211 East Broadway (at North Maryland Avenue); 818-240-7411.
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Photo: Courtesy of @intheheartofthecity.
Between the homemade corn tortillas and the perfectly-stewed meats, it's no wonder Guisados is considered one of the top taco purveyors in all of L.A.

Guisados, 1261 Sunset Boulevard (near Innes Avenue); 213-250-7600.
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Photo: Courtesy of @kimcheeman.
The sexiest ramen in town.

Tsujita, 2057 Sawtelle Boulevard (at Mississippi Avenue); 310-231-7373.
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Photo: Courtesy of @Littlemissonshine.
Isn't this the prettiest ice cream sandwich you've ever seen? The edible wrapper is just an added bonus.

Coolhaus, 8588 West Washington Boulevard (near Sherbourne Drive); 310-424-5559.
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Photo: Courtesy of @madamelacoste.
Malibu Farm
Farm-to-table, al fresco dining overlooking the Pacific Ocean? It's almost too perfect.

Malibu Farm, 23000 Pacific Coast Highway (near Serra Road); 310-459-1112.
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Photo: Courtesy of @gypsybabee.
In-N-Out Burger
You know the deal…

In-N-Out Burger, click here for locations
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Photo: Courtesy of @edible_complex.
DK's Donuts
The Ube Donut looks as good as it tastes. The purple yam-flavored treat is perfect when plain — but, isn't everything a little better with bacon?

DK's Donuts, 1614 Santa Monica Boulevard (near 16th Street); 310-829-2512.
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Photo: Courtesy of @lifeandthyme.
Order the Chicken Tikka Poutine. Then, take a picture to make it last longer.

Badmaash, 108 West 2nd Street (at Harlem Place); 213-221-7466.
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Photo: Courtesy of @tarandroses_whimsicarol.
Tar & Roses
Quite possibly the most famous fried red snapper in the world.

Tar & Roses, 602 Santa Monica Boulevard (at 6th Street); 310-587-0700.
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Photo: Courtesy of @la_eats.
Sushi Gen
The decor might be minimal, but the sushi looks like a masterpiece.

Sushi Gen, 722 East 2nd Street (near South Central Avenue); 213-617-0552.
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Photo: Courtesy of @thebestfoodperiod.
Wexler's Deli
A corned-beef-on-rye is definitely deserving of a quick pic.

Wexler's Deli, 317 South Broadway (at East 3rd Street); 213-226-4621.
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Photo: Courtesy of @jaimevaldovino.
Salt & Straw
This Portland-based ice cream shop only recently opened their first location in L.A. And, as Instagram proves, we're very happy they're here.

Salt & Straw, 240 North Larchmont Boulevard (near Beverly Boulevard); 323-466-0485.
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Photo: Courtesy of @valecho.
Bottega Louie
This place looks like the bedroom in Marie Antoinette. It's perfection.

Bottega Louie, 700 South Grand Avenue (at West 7th Street); 213-802-1470.
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Photo: Courtesy of @kaleifornialove.
Serving perfect cold-pressed juice and a full menu of delicious, organic salads and sandwiches, Kreation certainly knows how to make its customers snap-happy.

Kreation, 9465 Charleville Boulevard (near South El Camino Drive); 310-247-8110.
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Photo: Courtesy of @forkedup.
Getting a table at Republique is pretty tough — so, once you're in, you might as well prove it.

Republique, 624 South La Brea Avenue (near West 6th Street); 310-362-6115.
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Photo: Courtesy of @spray_la.
A snap of the Blueberry Bliss is sure to elicit serious #FOMO.

Earthbar, 8365 Santa Monica Boulevard (near North Kings Road); 323-301-4980.
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Photo: Courtesy of @didemuzelsari.
Pink's Hot Dogs
Considering Pink's is the In-N-Out of the hot dog world, this one is pretty self-explanatory.

Pink's Hot Dogs, 709 North La Brea Avenue (near Melrose Avenue); 323-931-7594.
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Photo: Courtesy of @elisabaran.
"Trust Me," this is an easy win.

Sugarfish, click here for locations
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Photo: Courtesy of @sessions_eats_la.
Il Pastaio
If it's worth breaking your diet for, it's worth breaking your no-food-pics rule for.

Il Pastaio, 400 North Canon Drive (near Brighton Way); 310-205-5444.
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Photo: Courtesy of @linhwinn.
Joan's On Third
Delicious, quick lunches and strong coffee have made this an L.A. staple.

Joan's On Third, 8350 West 3rd Street (near South Orlando Avenue); 323-655-2285.
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Photo: Courtesy of @howyouglow.
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Considering it all started here in L.A., it makes sense that we’ve got mad #iceblended pride.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, click here for locations
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Photo: Courtesy of @treat_yo_selfff.
Blue Plate Taco
Because truly great enchiladas are hard to come by.

Blue Plate Taco, 1515 Ocean Avenue (near Colorado Avenue); 310-458-2985.
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