25 Party Heels That Won't Make Your Feet Cry

It's time to strap on your best pair of shoes. Whether your calendar invite calls for your end of the year office shindig, or it's just a group of your friends heading out for the night, all good holiday parties share one common theme: dancing. To keep up with your literal dance card this season, you're going to need a pair or two that won't kill your feet by New Years. But we're not going to point you in the direction of the flat shoe department in preparation. In fact, we're sticking with heels through and through. A little extra height can do wonders for you confidence when it comes to dance floor coordination — it just takes the right heel to make it through without any pain and regret.
The trick is to stick with heels of the kitten and block variety. And while we won't dissuade you from heading for a four-inch beauty, you'll have better odds abiding by these two styles. Ahead are a few dozen pairs that'll keep the fun going.