12 Morning Habits Of Influential Women

When it comes to our morning routines, most of us have very different styles. Some of us (ahem, night owls) might hit snooze a million times before getting out of bed and scrambling to pull together a look, while others — those self-proclaimed morning people — might rise with the sun and promptly meditate, set goals, and craft a matcha latte from scratch. Sure, there's no right way to spend those first few hours of daylight, but we're always curious to find out how others get ready each and every morning — especially the women whose days we follow on the gram.
Which is why we partnered with European Wax Center to tap four inspiring influencers from Strut Society — a group of women from different backgrounds who want to help other women feel empowered — to get the scoop on what their morning habits entail. From fitness enthusiast Chinae Alexander who hits the gym first thing to feel confident and become stronger (inside and out) to Katy Bellotte who never leaves the house without grooming her brows (can you blame her?), the early risers ahead are all sorts of inspiring.

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