Morning Java: Eyesight to the Blind, Sears at Fashion Week, and Stalling to Steal

081408links2.jpgWe hope that the youth of America won't be too frightened by these ads to buy clothes—or leave the house—ever again. (Animal)
Ouch! Damn you Martin Margiela and your deadly, deadly rings! (Black Book)
The secret fashion-assistant shame of "Stall to Steal" is revealed to the public. Does this mean we have to give back that Herchcovitch dress? (Black Book)
Finally, someone's invented a camera for the blind. Now if the Polish could just perfect that submarine screen door&hellip. (PSFK)
Vending machines that sell fresh eggs and pot? We're checking our pockets for change. (Wired)
Sears aims to impress at Fashion Week. Good luck. No, seriously, good luck. (Reuters)
Seems trying on clothes lowers self esteem. Speaking of which, does this font make us look fat? (NYMag)

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