Morning Java: More Political Fashion, Backstage With Bamboo, and Valentino Poses for Kost

amlinks0905Welcome the new wave of L.A. retail. (JC Report)
Go behind the scenes with United Bamboo as they pin and cut their way to the catwalk. (Hint)
Valentino screen tests for Jeremy Kost, but instead the part goes to Al Pacino. Figures. (The Cut)
For Pete's sake, will this election just end already before we all wind up restructuring our wardrobes? (Jezebel)
Forbes counts down the most powerful U.S. fashion magazine editors using their economic abacus and, for the most part, gets it right. (Forbes)
Honestly, and it's not a snob thing, we've never crashed a party we couldn't walk into. But that's just us. (Radar)

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