8 Women With Similar Salaries Spend Them VERY Differently

For almost a year, we've lived vicariously around the world through the money diaries of women in Rome, Berlin, Shanghai. We've chatted with women about what it's like to earn a mere sixth of their partner's salary, how they feel about paying on dates, and started tracking how much women spend on weddings — their own, and those of their friends.
For our 75th Money Diary (yes, 75th!) we've decided to round up eight millennial women from around the country, in eight major cities. The catch? They all earn between $40,000 and $45,000 — some $10,000 above the median salary of the average American millennial woman. We're not asking that you pore over each and every entry, but comparing how similarly salaried people prioritize their spending can be fascinating and helpful.
At the end, you'll find an average breakdown per category based on the diaries featured here. Click ahead to check how your spending may (or may not) align with theirs.

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