Monday Night Moves Kickstarts Your Week With A Free Flick and Awesome Music

Normally we hate, HATE, Mondays (especially with an added dose of drizzle) with a vengeance and wish nothing more than to stay in, burrowed underneath the blankets, watching Downton Abbey for the seventh time. But DJs Haley Wollens and Julia Burlingham has given us an excellent reason to jump out of our beds on this dreaded first day of the week. The duo is hosting Monday Night Moves over at The Jane Hotel, a fun-tastic free film screening/dance party series—tonight's theme is all about fashion. The evening's hostess, stylist Masha Orlov, has picked the hilarious Party Girl, starring Parkey Posey as a broke New York scenester with a high fashion wardrobe who decides to become a library clerk and master the Dewey Decimal System to prove herself. An episode of Delusional Downtown Divas will also be screened prior to the film. Wollens and Burlingham, together with guest DJ Jesse Hudnutt, will follow up the entertainment with bopping tunes to get your feet moving and your body shakin'. The FREE party starts at 9 p.m. sharp so don't you even dare think about overtime.

The Jane Hotel, 113 Jane Street, New York, NY, 10014; 212-924-6700. Check out the details over at Monday Night Moves' Facebook page.