The Cool Way To Dress Like A “Mom”

Forget your relationship with your actual mother — your relationship with just her style is a complicated and ever-changing one. Adoration occurs in childhood, when every muumuu or sensible heel may as well be a custom Prada look on the Oscar’s red carpet. This is a illusion based largely on your mom’s ability to work the speed dial — an enormous feat to a 7 year old. Around middle school, you may begin to emulate. When the raging hormones kick in during high school, you’ll dismiss your mother’s taste in clothing, in addition to her opinions on all other topics. Years later, you might stumble back into her closet and begin to see it with new eyes.
Suddenly, the sculptural earrings she wouldn’t take off in the '90s seem eerily similar to a pair you saw in a trend roundup last week. Then, you realize the worn Tod’s loafers and Hermès enamel cuff you once saw as dusty are now vintage treasures.
Whether your mom is partial to the power suit or polo shirt, her classic picks can be updated to suit your style. Ahead, you’ll find a user-friendly guide to reimagining mom's most iconic fashion moments into something that's currently #trending.

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