Mom Puts 7-Year-Old On Diet, Writes About It For Vogue

In case you haven't gotten around to your April issues yet, be sure to check out this insane Vogue article about a mother's extreme efforts to help her daughter slim down to a healthier size. In yet another case of moms making questionable parenting decisions when addressing body issues, Dara-Lynn Weiss joined the crazy-overbearing-parent ranks when she took an unconventional (we hope) approach to addressing her daughter's early diagnosis with clinical obesity, putting her seven-year-old daughter, Bea, on a year-long diet. While Bea's health is the obvious priority, and risks of high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes are certainly not healthy, we think this mom's methods were more brutal than beneficial.
Bea's juvenile diet doesn't emphasize playing outside or making healthy choices, and Weiss says that getting the seven-year-old to slim down was as easy as providing her with "less to eat" (though we should note that her daughter wasn't exactly scarfing down Twinkies in the first place, according to the article). In true One-Percenter style, Weiss writes of an incident when she limited her child's food intake after realizing she had indulged in "nearly 800 calories of brie, filet mignon, baguette, and chocolate" during a school celebration. But her mother also writes about a few of her own struggles, including issues with body image and how annoying it was to hear her daughter "complain of being hungry." Now 16 pounds smaller and two inches taller (plus, a reward of a feathered hair extension), Bea's mother says, "That fat girl is a thing of the past."
What do you think of this sticky situation — is this mom in the right by depriving her daughter to improve her health, or should she have weighed some other options? (Jezebel)
Photo: Courtesy of Jezebel

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