The Ultimate Guide To Lazy-Girl Beauty

You know those "cool girls" that the internet seems to be obsessed with? They're the ones with the perfectly mussed hair, the impossibly glowy skin, and the kind of attitude that says, "I know I look amazing, but I haven't put any effort into this. At all." They're the ones whose beauty tips read like a bucket list you know you'll never conquer. "I just sleep on my hair and it looks like this!" they'll exclaim. "The only things I have on right now are coconut oil and SPF!"
We love the cool girls. We hate the cool girls. But dammit if we don't want to crack the code to how to look as effortlessly put-together as they do.
When attempting to emulate these ladies, we make one of the following attempts, only to fail: We slather on the coconut-oil-and-SPF concoction they recommend, and then bemoan the fact that we weren't blessed with lit-from-within skin. Or we go through a 12-step tutorial in order to make our hair look like we just rolled out of bed.
But you want to know the secret sauce that makes these women look so enviable? They can't be bothered to give a fuck. They embrace their frizz, don't mind a little shiny skin, and add concealer only where absolutely necessary. Because, at the end of the day, who cares about a few flyaways or oily spots when you're feeling straight confident?
With this in mind, we tapped a gangbusters team to put together four looks that are perfect for the girl who is fresh out of effs to give. What's more, we challenged hairstylist Clay Nielsen and makeup artist Andriani Vasiliou — with assist on nails from the beloved Miss Pop — to make these looks true to life. Read: No complicated steps. Not a ton of products. Just the beautiful basics.

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