Modasuite Gets New York Men To Suit Up

Don't come complaining to us – times are tough all around. For the 99% of us who need to save a little cash (or who have a host of job interviews ahead of them) the current trend for inexpensive suiting comes not a moment too soon. You got your Topman, your Suitsupply, and your Urban Outfitters' Suit Shop. Add Modasuite's new capsule collection of natty goods to your list of ever-increasing options. To check on the fits and for styling options, hit up their Men of New York microsite where local gents like The Grungy Gentleman's Jace Lipstein and Jian Deleon of Complex and Valet model the wears in a series of shots by Tucked blogger Justin Bridges. Y'know, maybe times aren't that tough after all.
Photo: Via Modasuite

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