Ain’t No Party Like An R29 Party — Peek Inside Our New Monthly Mixer

Remember January 1st, when we swore we’d hang up our cocktail dresses and dancin’ shoes for at least a couple weeks? Yeah, we’ve stuck to that about as faithfully as our resolution to do 100 lunges a day. What coaxed us out of our winter slumber? Why, the kick-off for Refinery29’s new monthly Mix Master party, of course!
On Thursdasy night, New York’s finest braved damn-near subzero temps to party with us at the Lower East Side’s Side’s ECC (Experimental Cocktail Club). R29 editors Christene Barberich, Piera Gelardi, Annie Georgia Greenberg, and Connie Wang played hostess — and might have snuck behind the bar and proved they’re dab hands with a cocktail shaker. DJs kicked out the jams, ECC’s natty bartenders whipped up fancy cocktails (it’s cool to get tipsy as long as the drinks are artisanal, right?), and friends of R29 showed up in hordes to hit the dance floor with us (you guys got some tight moves, by the way).
And, because no 21st-century party is complete without at least two photographers, here are the best photos of the night, just for you. Click on to see how we got down, play spot-the-fashion-stars, and find pics to steal for your Facebook wall. Oh, and if you slept on this? We'll forgive you... if you promise to come out and party with us next time.
Stay tuned for deets on February’s Mix Master event — all new venue, all new drinks, all new DJs. It's only gonna get better, folks. And, hey, would you mind turning that music down a little? We’re still waiting for this Excedrin to kick in…