Saturday Agenda: Get Tipsy Before Dinner (For A Good Cause!)

Sometimes, our Saturday night plans stress us out a little bit. Maybe it's a date, or a kinda intense party, or let's be honest, any number of other potentially less-than-perfect social situations. And those types of events always happen to start just a little too late in the evening, so we find ourselves getting dressed and wishing we had something else to do, that maybe involved a cocktail or a glass of wine.
Well, this weekend, we've got you covered. Before your stressful (or super-fun) Saturday night plans, hit up the miraclefeet wine tasting event, where you can make the rounds through a series of wine-and-cheese tasting options, bid on some pretty awesome silent auction items, and most importantly, help out a good cause. The charity hooks up kids born with clubfoot, around the developing world, with braces that help them correct the deformity so they aren't kept from going to school, playing with their peers, and generally living unhindered lives. $50 buys a kid two braces, so you can see the life-changing value of a reasonably small donation. Plus, like we said, it'll fill that annoying gap in your Saturday-night schedule. Win-win.
When: Saturday, January 28, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Where: Top of the Garden, 251 W. 30th Street, Suite 16; 212.643.0055.
Price: $85; Get your tickets here or on Facebook.
Photo: Courtesy of Jocelyn Ramirez

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