Wine & Liquor Delivery Service? The Minibar App Serves It Up

embediPhone-4-Inch-Screenshot-1Photo: Courtesy of MiniBar.
“The easiest way to lift your spirits.” That’s the tag line behind our soon-to-be favorite app Minibar. Already available in Brooklyn and Manhattan, the service promises to deliver wine and liquor ordered through the app to your door in under an hour. Those six additional weeks of winter don't need to get us down. No more weather constraints dictating our alcohol-buying habits! Even Sunday's blizzard (a rumored 30 inches!) is no match for this app.
It’s simple enough: Just download the app, enter your zip code, and choose your booze. Your liquor should arrive within 60 minutes. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you could place your order before leaving work and have your wine meet you at home. Now, that’s what we call happy hour.