Blogger And Designer Brook&Lyn’s Plush Pad

Mimi on her living room couch with her two dogs, Truffle and Stitch, wearing Anne Demeulemeester velvet pants, and a vintage pearl beaded top.

Some people have to work for it, and some people are just born with excellent taste and polish positively oozing from every pore. Jewelry designer and style curator Mimi Jung is one such lady, and her blog, boutique, and studio, Brook&Lyn, have taken over the interweb since its launch a couple years ago. And just last year, Jung launched her own super-covetable jewelry line called Surrounded, which is sold in boutiques like Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Debut, and has extended her studio business into somewhat of a style empire. From her plush Brooklyn pad, Mimi walks us through her inspirations, favorite scores, and way cool on!

On a coffee table, a Brook&Lyn necklace of Mimi's own creation lies atop a pile of books. "When I created my jewelry line, I wanted to make sure the pieces were as beautiful when displayed as objects as they are when worn."

Hail From:
"Seoul until I was 8 years old. Grew up all over NY."
Now live In:
 "Red Hook, Brooklyn"

Mimi's dog Truffle chilling on the couch, resting her head on a Kuma pillow.

Describe your style in five words or less:
"Minimal, modern, hint of vintage"

Mimi in her studio wearing a Weekday shirt, 3.1 Phillip Lim pants, and a vintage Alexis Kirk belt. "My favorite object in my office is the oversized peach lamp shade."

You run a successful studio, a blog, a boutique, and your own jewelry line. Tell us a little bit about all your jobs.
"The Brook&Lyn Studio, Boutique and Blog all essentially fall under one career concept; to be able to fund and create personal projects and experiences. A beautiful experience can be anything from wearing a piece of jewelry I made to documenting a moment in my life through my blog or creating an interactive campaign with my husband. The Brook&Lyn Studio is my newest edition. Before I switched to fashion, I worked as a graphic designer, and my husband is currently a creative director at a digital agency. We've always collaborated on side projects, and now we're making it official by becoming partners of Brook&Lyn Studio. We currently have a few clients in the beauty industry and a few personal projects in the works. No matter the category, our goal remains the same: To make beautiful, interactive experiences."


String Curtains from Pearl River hang in the doorway. "Everyone comes over and plays with these curtains! I have to admit that sometimes when I'm procrastinating I like to braid the curtains."

Mimi in her bedroom with Stitch wearing a vintage mohair sweater and vintage pleated skirt. The bed has a reworked antique bedframe and is adorned with Anthropologie's Dynamic Ikat Bedding. "I can't lay in bed without Stitch going belly up, giving me her puppy eyes for a belly!"

Where do you drawn your inspiration from your jewelry line from?
"From my travels. I think when you travel, your senses are heightened. Even the most mundane experiences become richer and more eye-opening. During my last trip to Hong Kong, I stumbled upon a small stone shop where I fell in love with a select few agate slabs. Those particular stones really inspired the entire collection. Agates are not from HK, but rather Brazil. I was in the right place at the right time and that made everything come together."

Mimi used geodes leftover from her jewelry line to create a unique tabletop.

What's your favorite piece in your closet?
"Right now it's a psychedelic print kaftan from Risto."

On the living room couch wearing Anne Demeulemeester velvet pants and a vintage pearl beaded top.

Any super-easy styling tricks you use to pull a look together?
"I'm a firm believer in balancing your look, if you wear something tight on top, wear something loose and airy on bottom and vice versa."


Stitch stands guard in the bedroom.

Your puppies are so cute! How'd they come to join the family?
"I've had Truffle, the long hair chihuahua, since my senior year of college. Everyone said I was crazy for getting a dog at that age, but we made it through my early twenties without a scratch! Stitch joined our family when I got engaged. My excuse was that Truffle needed a friend, but that did not work out as planned. They turned out to be polar opposites, Truffle is more like Garfield and Stitch is the carbon copy of Odie."

In the living room, Mimi wears a Thomas Wylde dress, Brook&Lyn Surrounded Day& Night necklace, and a Uniqlo cardigan.

At left: Antique Japanese figurines get busy on a side table. In her studio with Stitch.

You seem like you're super organized. Do you have a system for your closet or your workspace?
"Don't be deceived. I have a second office that is like a giant storage space. I try to make room for everything no matter how miniscule. In my office, I have a box that's dedicated to "ziplock bags". Essentially I think I'm putting boxes in bigger boxes."

Mimi in her neighborhood wearing a vintage shaggy sweater, 3.1 Phillip Lim pants, a Céline tote, and a Brook&Lyn Surrounded Day& Night necklace.


What's the most treasured item in your closet?
"G.V.G.V furry wide leg pants I scored at an OC sample sale."

Mimi in her studio. "My entire jewelry line is handmade right here in Brooklyn! I'm hand-sewing a necklace here."

You have so much awesome stuff. Any local treasure troves you go to find your knickknacks?
"I love Housing Works, especially the Chelsea and Gramercy locations. Almost 50% of my furniture and home decor items are from there."

A reworked vintage lamp shade from Housing Works.

I've heard you constantly update what you display in your home. Anything have a permanent spot that you refuse to switch out?
"Do my dogs count? No matter where I move the couch, their favorite spot is on top of the sofa cushions."

At left: A vintage brass T-Rex and Imm Living geometric salt and pepper shaker on a side table. At right: West Elm Ink Spot pillows add a pop of color in the living room.

In the bedroom wearing a Risto caftan.

Mimi in her neighborhood wearing a vintage shaggy sweater, 3.1 Phillip Lim pants, and a Brook&Lyn Surrounded Day& Night necklace.

You live and work in the same space. Anything you do to maintain the separate spaces and keep your head about you?
"Right now it's chaos. I'm working on a giant order for a Anthropologie (exclusive collaboration) and, all in the same space. My production team and I have taken over this apartment. But I try not to work in my bedroom—sleeping is sacred in this house!"


A vintage brass T-Rex and Imm Living geometric salt and pepper shaker on a side table.

Best cheap score of late?
"I just scored a perfectly fitted Roland Mouret tweed jacket at a consignment shop for $90!"

"The phrases on the refrigerator are inside jokes between my husband and I. The other day I ordered food and instead of asking for a rush order, I said 'put a fast on it.' I still think it makes sense...halfway."

What do you love most about your 'hood?
"No one is trying to be something that they are not. No hipsters and no yuppies."

"I found this drum at a vintage shop. I painted it, covered it with agates left over from my jewelry collection and now it's my tea table."

You do a fair bit of globetrotting. Where's somewhere that's particularly influenced your style?
"The last place I visited was Stockholm. The simplicity of the tailoring and soft color choices stuck with me!"

In the bedroom wearing a Risto caftan.

What's one fashion trend that you're particularly into these days?
"I like to think that I don't follow trends but I'm sure it seeps in here and there! I'm hugely influenced by Celine's color choices."

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