5 Things To Know This AM — Oct 21 2010

Patti Stanger, aka the the star of
Millionaire Matchmaker
needs to realize that NYC women are not like LA chicks. Thankfully, there's a guide to get her up to speed, and quick. (Guest of a Guest)

Julianne Moore is seriously, seriously smoking on the cover of
, looking way younger than her 49 years. We bet that naked male model was having some trouble on set. (Daily Mail)

Hey dudes, need a $40,000 button-down with diamonds? Now there's a store for that—high end Swedish shirtmakers Eton is opening up shop on Madison Avenue. (Crains)
MTV is moving even further away from music and developing new scripted shows and original movies. As if Jersey Shore wasn't already scripted enough. (Gawker)
Bernie Madoff is still trying to pay back his victims, and apparently he weirdly has loot to sell. If you've always wanted your own BLM engraved slippers or 10.54 carat diamond engagement ring, well, the government is auctioning them (and oh so much more) off next month. (Gothamist)