5 Things To Know This AM — May 04 2012

Woman of many talents, Tinsley Mortimer, gives sound advice about meeting the folks (keep it comfortable) and throwing bridal showers (keep it pink). Seems simple enough, but you might want to take notes on the rest of the pro's pearls of wisdom. (Buzzfeed)
You know we're all in for chic t-shirts and Alexsandro Palombo's got them in spades. Plus a whole lotta cheekiness to go around. Check this one out where Karl wears Karl... how meta. (Humor Chic)
"Stand clear of the closing doors please" is a statement you should take very seriously on the subway... unless you want to get laughed at. (NYTimes)
Want the history of NYC in a nutshell? Watch this one-minute, cut-out animated video of New York's ever-evolving skyline, dating all the way back to 1524. Yep, 1524. (Animal NY)
SNL's got the moves like Jagger, with Mick in the flesh! The legendary Rolling Stones rocker is set to host the season finale, so get your DVR — and your dance shoes — ready. (Flavorwire)

Photo: Via Buzzfeed