Under His Thumb: Peep Deets Of Mick Jagger & Angelina Jolie's Steamy Affair

"She scares me a little — I like that" is always the mark of a great relationship, right? Allegedly, Mick Jagger said those exact words about Miss Angelina Jolie back in 1997. The pair met on the set of Anybody Seen My Baby?, a Stones music vid that starred the actress as a stripper. According to the new bio Mick: The Wild Life And Mad Genius of Mick Jagger, at just 22-years-old Angie gave the rock god such a good show that he continued to call after multiple blow-offs, pleading for her to meet him. Sounds like someone could use some emotional rescue!
The revealing read has the singer linked to many famous women (surprise, surprise!) including Carla Bruni, Brazilian model Luciana Morad, and Uma Thurman. However, it was Jolie that had Jagger "virtually sobbing" on the then-married actress' answering machine. Turns out Jolie is one tough cookie — she wanted nothing to do with the notorious bad boy. But, although she was with British actor Jonny Lee Miller at the time, and Mick with Jerry Hall, Angie agreed to visit the rock icon. Apparently, Jagger's swagger won her over, and the duo continued to have a two-year affair, until Hall filed for divorce in 1999 claiming accounts of "multiple adultery."
And there you have it folks: Even if you're Mick Jagger, you really can't always get what you want (in this case, two model-slash-actresses at once). (Vogue UK)
Photo: Via Vogue UK

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