5 Things To Know This A.M. — Nov 28 2011

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes holding hands on a romantic date in a cemetery? Noooooo! (NY Daily News)
Black Friday got extra ugly at Hollister Soho when crowds took to breaking in and looting the un-opened store at 1:15 a.m.— hey, whatever you gotta do to get those bird polos. (Gawker)
While it's no surprise that Michelle Williams is an absolute darling, it comes as a little shock that she's so shy she calls her daughter Matilda, the "social glue" wherever they go! (NY Times)
We love SNL and fun chart facts so we're glad that someone took the time to combine them in order to definitively answer which seasons were the most original. (NY Mag)
This spring, an installation called Pet Sounds comes to Madison Square Park courtesy of artist, Charles Long— and we're not talking about that Beach Boys album. (Gallerist NY)

Photo: Via NY Times