Michael Jackson's Nazi Obsession, Wild Pot Plants, And A Guide To Tipping

A NYC memorabilia seller is claiming that Michael Jackson had a hidden cachet of Nazi documentaries. The seller says there wasn't anything sinister about it and "assumed that the singer just loved the military uniforms and the goose-step marching." Hmmmm. (Daily Mail)
Is Chelsea Clinton having a $2 million wedding? Thanks Bill & Hil! (Gawker)
Forget mosquito spray—now there's a new shampoo spray and conditioner that helps keep away lice and ticks. (New York Times)
No need to call your dealer: It seems that wild marijuana is growing all of the city. FYI, the most recent weed spotting—1st Street and 2nd Avenue. (NYC The Blog)
This new book will tell you how to tip in every situation. At Starbucks, one barista says a 50 cent tip is "really generous." (Gothamist)

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