5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 13 2012

Diet Coke continues its history of catering to fashion-savvy ladies (Karl Lagerfeld once designed bottles for the soda) with these gorgeous printed cans. (Eater)
New face of Miu Miu Mia Wasikowska fronts these fluoro faux-Victorian ads. (The Cut)
What did French lingerie label Etam do to get sued by the Musee d'Orsay? Why, it just casually held a surprise lingerie runway show inside. (Telegraph UK)
"How to get dates through social networking and lying." These bits of online dating "advice" may not be sane, but they sure are funny. (Vice)
Modern Renaissance man James Franco takes on a "boring old" acting job, but it's as renowned '70s-'80s photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. (The Hollywood Reporter)
Photo: Via The Cut.