How To Wear The Metallic Makeup Trend Like A Boss

Photographed by Ruo Bing Li.
Take a minute to scan your memory of the most iconic party images you've ever seen. Maybe you think of Grace Jones in living color at Studio 54. Perhaps Bianca Jagger, almost always in sequins on a night out. Or Daisy, shimmying at Gatsby's opulent, sparkling affair. And who can forget '90s-era Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss? Those silver dresses, that metallic makeup. There's a reason these moments stand out — and it's no coincidence that they don't involve cotton dresses, matte brown eyeshadow, and nude lips.
Shimmer, sparkle, and lots of shine: Those are the ingredients for a memorable look — on your birthday, at the office (certainly at the office), and just about any other major event. But you probably already knew that. So, the real way to go down in makeup history among your friends is to take your collection of shiny pigments and turn the heat way, way, way up. Because there's metallic, and then there's its incredibly hot sister: molten metallic.
To show you how to do the trend four insanely cool ways, makeup artist Caitlin Wooters teamed up with Khoudia Diop, or Melanin Goddess, as she's known to her devoted Instagram fans. Through The Colored Project and her social media platform, the model, who was once bullied for her dark skin, is calling for diversity in the modeling industry and spreading a powerful message of self-love. Ahead, Diop proves just how gorgeous metallics — and a whole lot of confidence — can be.

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