You Need To See What This Hair Looks Like From The Front

This story was originally published on April 27, 2016.
Something strange happens when a man adopts a hairstyle that's typically regarded as feminine. We feel the need to qualify it with "man." Buns become man buns. Braids become man braids. And since these styles are on a guy, they become "edgy" and "interesting," or, in some cases, even "weird."
But we're going to let you in on a little secret. Hair is hair, no matter the gender of the person on whose head it is. Everyone should be able to wear it in whatever way makes them happy — without being held to constructed gender standards. To prove our point, we tapped hairstylist Adam Maclay. Our request? Create seven of the most beautiful spring hairstyles on a series of Rapunzel-length locks...that just so happen to belong to men.
From the back, you almost can't tell who is wearing these looks. In our opinion, it really shouldn't matter. Because who says a girl can't covet a style on a guy and vice versa? Why is a bun on a man a man bun and not just a bun? And, honestly, what's better than looking at a bunch of hot guys in even hotter hairstyles? We say, absolutely nothing. After you click ahead, we're certain you'll agree.

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