Meet Rose And Forrest: The Oldest Newlyweds Ever Will Leave You Feeling All Warm And Fuzzy Inside

Cue the "awws" and get ready to grab some Kleenex. In the most heartwarming news story of the day, we'd like to introduce you to Rose Pollard, 90, and Forrest Lunsway, 100, of Southern California, the oldest couple to ever wed. The two had been dating for 20 years (Rose clearly hadn't wanted to race down the aisle), but finally decided to get hitched and are just delighted. When asked for romance tips, the new bride told reporters, "Be forgiving and patient and say I love you, I guess, every once in a while." Check out the video to see pictures from the wedding, as well as a misty-eyed moment when Forrest tells Rose he loves her. We can't get enough of them. (HuffPo)