Private Dinner Anyone? The Meatball Shop Opens A Tented Garden In ‘Billyburg

When it comes to favorite summer activities in New York, eating outside is right up there on the top of our list. Somehow, the fresh air just makes food taste better, which is why we were pretty excited to hear The Meatball Shop in Williamsburg will be opening up their tented garden for the summer starting today. In addition to being an, uh, meatball shop, The Meatball Shop serves up daily market salads and creamy ice-cream sandwiches. Of course, the real selling point is the meatballs. They’ve got beef, pork, chicken, and, yes, vegetarian ones.
Okay, now for the...meat of the story. (Sorry, it's just so easy to keep on punning.) The garden which seats about 30 people, will be available for private parties and events. Basically, this means you can be the cool friend that sets up that dinner to remember. The look is 1940s wooden rustic barn with lush greenery, antique chalk boards, and string lights. Guys, this is what Pinterest dreams are made of — we can already imagine making a board just for what we're calling our perfect summer party. (Should we dub it "Holy Balls?"). Plus — yes, there's more — the BK outpost is debuting two community tables that will take reservations of eight to 24 people, with a set family-style menu, an alternative to epicureans that shun the outdoors. Weirdos. Regardless, our address is 30 Cooper Square, just in case you want to shoot us an invite.

The Meatball Shop,170 Bedford Avenue (between 7th and 8th streets); 718-551-0520.

Photo: Courtesy The Meatball Shop