Mayor Bloomberg Makes Gossip Girl Day A City Holiday

We've already taken note of Mayor Bloomberg's recent (nose) dive into pop culture, kissing Lady Gaga ; Now, he's posing with the masters of juicy, up-and-down, drug-and-tears addled relationships, aka the cast of Gossip Girl. Bloomberg says he's a "casual fan," of the show, but then went on to make "Gossip Girl Day" a city-wide holiday of sorts. Sounds more committed than casual, to us. This is the biggest thing to happen to the CW since Joey and Pacey, and we're going to celebrate by giving our frenemies dirty looks, wearing heels to the post office, and listening to Taylor Momson's band (haha jk!). Look, the point is, with all he's got going on (you know, running a city or whatever), Mayor Bloomberg still finds time to keep up with the van der Woodsens as they celebrate their 100th episode. But, who's watching NYC while Bloomies watching Blair? (The Hollywood Reporter)
Photo: Via Hollywood Reporter

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