NYC Finally Has A Fancy Mayo Store And (Surprise!) It’s In Brooklyn

We love mayo just as much as the next sandwich eater. A good chipotle mayo? Sock it to us. But when we heard about Empire Mayonnaise, Prospect Height's newest installment of YPH (young professional hipsters) we took pause. Is there really a market for artisanal flavored mayonnaise spreads? If you're into flaves like white truffle, French curry masala, preserved lemon, saffron, and yup, even bacon then there's not only a market, there's now a brick and mortar for you to get your latest fix. That is, if you're willing to fork (or, erm, knife) over $4 to $6 for a jar...with flavors like those, we just might be. Tell us if you dig it in the comments below. (Gothamist)

Photo: Via Gothamist