Material Girl

LisaLevine by Jonathan Forgang
As a young design student, Lisa Levine was influenced by the indigenous cultures she observed while living in an artist community in the mountains of central Mexico. She saw that locals would often use modern designs that incorporated organic materials, a powerful inspiration for the New York-based Levine's own jewelry designs. In her current collection, feathers and quills are fashioned into earrings with coins added for effect. Chains are made sensual, unexpectedly mixed with various materials ranging from freshwater pearls to onyx and garnet. Her designs suggest the shapes of nature while giving us a greater appreciation of the beauty in the most uncommonly beautiful objects. Metals in the hands of an unsympathetic jeweler can seem austere, but Levine's "wrist halo" bracelets have layered links that appear supple and pillowy. Her necklace "cat's cradle" gives the chain an unusual twist by tangling her design in the manner of the childhood string game. In her own words, Lisa's goal is "to create a line of jewelry that allows women to feel both strong yet playful, flirtatious and mysterious." Well, you can rest easy Lisa, you did it.
Lisa Levine is available at Eva and TG-170 in New York.
By incorporating contrasting textures and materials into her designs, jewelry maker Lisa Levine reveals the wild side to her modern accessories.

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