15 Masturbation Myths We Somehow Still Believe

This was originally published on November 9, 2014.
There are two things we know for sure about masturbation: Almost everyone's doing it, and absolutely no one wants to talk about it. That's cool. Your solo sex life is your business — but, we're just going to butt in for a minute.
The problem with this Tell No One policy is the huge amount of strange myths that many adults still somehow believe. We're not talking about hairy palms and blindness. Everyone's familiar with the obvious falsehoods. But, masturbation is an area a lot of sexually active people still don't quite understand. We enlisted the help of Dr. Vanessa Cullins of Planned Parenthood to shed some much-needed light on the topic. Today, we bust the 15 most common myths about self-love — the ones that need to go, now. Then, we'll close the bedroom door and let you get back to your business.

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