Waste Not! This Restaurant Sells Bags And Burgers Made From The Same Animal

Holy Cow—vegans can't be happy about this. Marlow & Sons, one of our must-eat-at restaurants in Williamsburg, is taking the whole farm-to-table concept and running with it, offering leather goods for sale along with the choice cuts of meat on the menu. Proprietors Kate and Andrew Huling (who also own butcher shop Marlow & Daughters and Diner) are giving you the chance to get your eco-on every time you nibble on the, say, Prosciutto...the hide of that pig you're eating could potentially be your handbag! The bags, priced around $300, are low on embellishments but high on originality—the nicks, marks, and imperfections are still evident. Soon Kate hopes to design lambswool sweaters and rabbit-fur hats, though no word yet on how she'll recycle those tasty oysters. (ABC)

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