Enough Already: Marc New York Ads Inspired By Fifty Shades Of Grey

Marc New York (not to be confused with Marc Jacobs) just revealed its first and latest ad campaign. And, it looks (to us, at least) like it was either put together by someone's 30-something sister who loves TV or an SEO expert who's trying cram as many buzzy key words into one space.
Inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey and featuring '12 Celebrity Apprentice contestant Dayana Mendoza and former Scottish rugby player Thom Evans, the ad depicts Dayana locked in a staring competition with a barefoot Thom in a towel. A couple things: Firstly, someone needs to turn off that sink if no one's going to be using it. Secondly, is this a public bathroom? What private bathroom has foam tiles for a ceiling? Thirdly, if it's a public bathroom, Thom really needs to put some shoes on before he steps on the floor stain 10 inches to the right from his foot. Fourthly, someone should probably tell Dayana that she's been walking around all day with her dress unzipped. Lastly, can we go back to bed now? (WWD)

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