8 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses To Channel Your Inner Goddess

All of the mythology you soaked up through the years was, for the most part, learned inside a classroom. Designer Mara Hoffman, however, is looking at history's fabled figures through a different, namely sartorial, lens. Hoffman's second bridal collection features delicately crafted silk georgette and chiffon gowns, inspired by goddesses across time and cultures, like Athena, Juno, and Freya.
"The intention is that every woman [will] be able to identify a piece of herself in each of the designs and what they represent," Hoffman told us. Drawing upon the goddesses of war, fertility, wisdom, and, fittingly, marriage, she imagines the brides wearing the dresses are similarly "beautiful, strong, and confident." You can view the eight glorious designs (and their even more ethereal backdrop) in the slideshow — they're available to shop now on MaraHoffman.com and retail between $500 to $2,200.