Meet The Reigning Queen Of Nail Art

Folks, our Nail Art Nation contest has been a real battle royal. Twenty insanely talented contestants squared off in a series of trials and challenges, using their Revlon Nail Art polishes to paint their way out of some very daunting corners. But, after much consideration and debate, we've landed on the one nail artist who stood head, shoulders, and cuticles above the best — Ms. Ashley Crowe (a.k.a. @astrowifey) of Chicago, IL!
An all-pro nail artist who also has her own nail-art magazine ( Tipsy Zine ) Crowe is obviously super-qualified to take on the challenge that is our contest grand prize — a trip to the Refinery29 offices in New York City to film her own four-part, nail-art instructional video series to appear here on our site. So, we've all got that to look forward to.
Ms. Crowe, as you can imagine, is fairly psyched. "I'm super stoked," she told us. "Refinery29 in Chicago always shows me so much love, so be the winner of a Refinery29 contest is amazing! I also love visiting New York, the ladies there totally know how to rock some nail art without limitations. I’m excited to be coming back!" And we'll be excited to see you, Ashley. Check out her winning designs and our People's Choice winner here.
As for those of you who didn't land the big, fat prize, don't feel bad. We totally had an office-wide conniption fit just trying to select a winner. You're all stars in our book and, if we all cross our nails and wish real hard, there's a good chance you'll have a shot at the title again in 2014. Keep practicing with your polishes, ladies.
Photo: Via @astrowifey

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