Makr Beats the Market: A Wallet that Eases the Pain of Inflation

A $9 salad here. A $200 cellphone bill there. Darn it if money isn't hard to keep these days. Apart from cutting the interest rate, which we can't really do from our offices, the only thing we can do to ease the pain of shelling out all those dead presidents is suggesting a nice wallet so at least you have something nice to look at as you pay for a $30 cab ride. That's where Jason Gregory comes in. Gregory has just relaunched his leather and textile company Makr, a collection of leather wallets hand sewn by family artisans right here in the States.
Makr's One and Two wallets feature curves in the pocket opening that naturally align with your fingers as they grab for cards and cash. The angled wallet's single pocket expands like a pouch when you press its seam. Select pieces sport laser-etched Norwegian landscape scenes—others come in herringbone and tonal plaid patterns. Gregory even sells a line of lace-etched models for the ladies (or the comfortably flamboyant). All in all, it's probably the best hospice for your greenbacks to rest before jumping back into circulation in return for a $5 iced coffee.
Makr accessories from $75, available at

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