I Used An App To Find New Friends — & Here’s What Happened

I have always been the type of person who really valued my friendships, so much so that my parents used to make fun of me for having "too many" best friends (is there such a thing?). But moving to a new city is hard, and trying to make friends once you're outside the vast friend pool that was high school and college is even harder. After I moved to New York City, I felt extremely lonely. I wanted a bestie that was in the same transitional phase as me — new to a city, starting her career, and looking for friends. After many failed attempts at organic meetings, I was in a state of desperation. So, I turned to modern technology. If people can go on apps to find hook-ups, dating partners, and spouses, why shouldn't it be okay to use an app to find friends? I downloaded BumbleBFF and started swiping like a mad woman. A few awkward friend dates later, and I met my new bestie, Elizabeth. We share a love of Broadway musicals, spicy tuna rolls, and Sex and the City. It took me nine months of living here to be so unapologetically vulnerable about being lonely, but the truth is, I was never alone. Tons of people are looking for friends, so whether or not you put yourself out there determines the outcome. See how I did it in the video above.

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