Add This To Your Routine For Flawless Skin

I've been skeptical of primers since I started wearing makeup. In theory they're great, but in reality every version of the slick, often silicone-infused, pastes I tried did nothing for my skin and didn't hold well onto my foundation. So after trying my first batch of lackluster formulas, I decided to steer clear of every iteration altogether, insisting that they were a waste of time and money.
But last summer, when my face was at its oiliest, I decided to give them another shot. And it turns out, a lot had changed — for the better! I started with a new formula that not only claimed to mattify the complexion, but to fight breakouts, too, all while soothing the skin. That's a tall order, but needless to say, I fell in love after just a couple of uses. Translation: It worked.
Soon after, I started experimenting with more formulas that married the makeup-prepping and blurring qualities of a traditional primer with the skin-loving ingredients of a serum or moisturizer. Could it be that primers had advanced since I first started wearing foundation? Short answer: Yes, the primers of yore were nothing compared to this new crop of finds.
Wondering which primers are worth adding an extra minute to your morning routine? Ahead, you'll find the fruits of my research, sure to turn any skeptics into believers.

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