22 Photos Of Makeup Organization Any Beauty Lover Will Appreciate

The first piece of advice my mother gave me when I moved into my own studio a year ago? "Don't bring so much product home from work," she said. Being the defiant daughter that I am, I laughed in her face. My job title, mixed with my obsessive collecting of lipstick shades, does not lend itself well to "editing."

But after a year of overflowing medicine cabinets, rearranging my under-sink storage, and attempting to slam over-packed dresser drawers back into place, I realized that if I couldn't be selective in my cosmetic hoarding, I had to at least be organized. So I took to Instagram — a veritable treasure trove of #organizationporn — and got to tidying.

I'm happy to report that my products have been methodized, but I now have a new issue. I'm completely obsessed with reorganizing — thanks to these same Instagram inspiration shots. I could scroll for hours looking at meticulously kept acrylic cubbies and drawers. I love a low-lit snapshot of squeaky-clean makeup brushes in a washed-out Diptyque Baies glass. My fascination is pure madness.

So whether you're like me and set aside Sundays for rearranging your lipliners — or you seriously need to overhaul the way you house your stash — click through. We've rounded up 21 gorgeous ideas for organizing your makeup.
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Photo: via @kristiedash.
These cute little trays are the perfect way to showcase some of your prettier perfume bottles and products, as seen on beauty editor Kristie Dash's desk.
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Photo: via @sherrieblossom.
Don't those perfectly sorted lipsticks and compacts in this Icebox just make your heart sing?
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Photo: via @emilyschuman.
Blogger Emily Schuman houses her bottles on a pretty Lucite tray.
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Photo: via @lipglossandlabels.
These acrylic containers from GlamBoxes are any makeup organizer's dream.
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Photo: via @laura.cattano.
Keeping all your product labels facing forward is a simple way to make your medicine cabinet feel a bit more cohesive.
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Photo: via @glamboxes.
Invest in some sleek, see-through plastic makeup bags so you always know what you've got. Bonus: Keep one constantly packed full of travel-friendly sizes of your favorite products, so you can just grab it and toss it in your bag when you're packing for a trip!
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Photo: via @mreaaaa.
Floating shelves are clutch for keeping things in place, and are also super-easy to keep clean.
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Photo: via @glamboxes.
Match your makeup and jewelry organizers for the most symmetrical dresser ever.
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Photo: via @sherrieblossom.
Behold: the ultimate organized vanity.
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Photo: via @candykillerr.
Doesn't this photo of meticulously organized drawers fill your soul with total peace?
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Photo: via @brittneyrosette.
I think this makeshift vanity may utilize every single organization method out there.
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Photo: via @vanitycollections.
Matching black containers keep everything looking classy.
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Photo: via @crafterscalendar.
This mini bookshelf organizer keeps your products propped up, so you know which colors you're reaching for.
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Photo: via @mimarca_makyaj.
Clear out some of your clothes to make way for product.
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Photo: via @huntingforgeorge.
Makeup brushes look extra pretty when displayed in an empty candle container.
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Photo: via @american_standard.
Wall-mounted Mason jars are a genius idea for teeny bathrooms.
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Photo: via @_containher_.
Monogrammed teacups make cute containers for your lip- and eyeliners.
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Photo: via @vanitycollections.
Sure, this is a pretty epic makeup collection, but the fact that it's organized by product and color is what truly blows our minds.
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Photo: via @elisehanee.
Look for containers that have specific slots for your lipsticks, so they always stay upright.
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Photo: via @josefinejeannette.
Jewelry boxes make lovely makeup containers, too.
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Photo: via @crafterscalendar.
The perfect way to show off all your palettes.
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Photo: via @shmakeup.
Pop your lipsticks in a candy dish for a cute display.
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