Brilliant Makeup DIYs For Girls In Glasses

When we put on a pair of specs, we're immediately transported back to our grade-school days…we can see the pink wireframe glasses and matching Hello Kitty lunchbox now. Shudder.
While eyewear may look super chic, we're not always sure how to make those thick-rimmed Warby Parker frames work with the rest of our look. Do we redo our brows? Cut bangs? And will someone, for the love of beauty, please tell us: Yea or nay on the bold lipstick?
If you've sat idly by as prescription glasses turned into a major fashion statement, then this beauty tutorial is for you. We consulted makeup artist Andi Yancey on how to define our eyes so they don't get lost behind our ever so fashion-forward, huge frames. And, boy, did Yancey deliver.
We've got it, everyone: your definitive guide to wearing bold, funky, or natural eye makeup with your glasses. Because 20/20 vision is so overrated.

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