Festival Beauty Looks You Can Get On The Cheap

You may not consider a music festival the best time to play around with makeup. For many people, "festival beauty" consists of sunscreen — and lots of it. But, us beauty-obsessed will take any opportunity to test-drive some over-the-top makeup. And, festival season is the perfect excuse to get a little bold in the cosmetics department.
Fluorescent colors? Check. Stick-on rhinestones? Double check. All the glitter? Be still, our hearts. Anything goes at these all-day parties, so why not go crazy? But, since we'll likely never sport these looks outside the festival grounds, we gave ourselves a budget: $30 for the whole kit and caboodle.
Challenging? Yes. But, we're nothing if not thrifty. Ahead, each of our editors created a festival-perfect look that you can score for just a few bucks. Now, if only the tickets were that budget-friendly...

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