Throwback Beauty Products We Totally Used

When I tell people that I work in beauty, the first question they always ask me is: "What products are you loving?" That answer changes depending on the week, simply because of the sheer volume of loot I get to test. (For the record, right now it's a certain retinol oil and the latest mascara from Nars. Tomorrow it might be different.)

But recently, someone asked me a more interesting question: "What was the first beauty product you ever used?" I recalled the moment immediately — and I wondered whether that first swipe of eyeliner set in motion the series of events that eventually led me to being a beauty editor today.

So, with that in mind, I polled a few beauty editors in the industry to see which product they first recall trying. The results range from the nostalgic to the cringe-inducing — and what could be better than that? Click through to find out how we broke into beauty, and then share your own first memories with us below.

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