NSFW-ish But Worth It: Here's The Insanely Hot New Magic Mike Trailer

Here is Tatum Channing topless and gyrating. And there is a ripped, tanned Matthew McConaughey. If you look even a little bit closely, you can even see Alex Pettyfer's butt. Not to mention Matt Bomer's (whoa, Daddy, literally.) The Magic Mike red band trailer features the same hunks of man meat roaming around Tampa that the longer preview offers, but with more thongs, pants being torn off, and, um, what appears to be codpieces. Which is fine.
Maybe we could say something about how there happens to be a sense of justice with guys being oiled up and objectified like women in movies, or the gender play that occurs with a film about male strippers... or we can just let you enjoy the boys being really, really hot boys. Opens June 29. Like you didn't have that marked in your calendars. (Deadline)
Photo/Video: Courtesy of Warner Brothers

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