5 Things To Know This AM — Nov 10 2011

Harper's Bazaar talks film and fashion with the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna. It's a bit of lace, some platinum blonde moments, (airbrushing much?!), and whole lot of attitude. (Harper's Bazaar)
Skaterboarders take the subways by storm. See if you can think of all of those horribly done ads about subway safety and count how many of them these guys disregard. (Animal New York)
Diamonds are a girls' best friend, but Swarovski is the next best thing, and they're running a charity event where you should probably buy everything. (Yahoo)
Last night's Aid for AIDS gala was filled with spanish-speaking beauties and a few other names we recognized (ehem, Marc Jacobs). (NY Observer)
By now we're familiar with the events of the Versace for H&M runway went, which had it's fair share of unforgettable moments, but what did the attendees remember most about the always remarkable Donatella? (Elle)