Mad Monikers: Jezebel and W Play With Fashion's Obscure Names

mynameis_mainThankfully, we can't stop reading Jezebel. Lovely Sadie Stein (whoever you are) brought to our attention the piece in W Magazine discussing the increasingly bizarre practice of naming fashion lines (we barely have the time to read all of Star, let alone W). Much like how no one can come up with a cool band name any more, simply giving your collection your Christian name is no longer sufficient to attract the attention of consumers and edgy retailers like Opening Ceremony's buyers. The girls (ahem, women) at Jezebel mention the usual suspects (Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons, Goat and Tree) and offer a few of their own (Andre Says Baah!, Wistful Antagonism, Red Fox Eats Japanese Eggplant) suggesting that some of their contributors have careers in fashion marketing after the blog juice runs out. We are saddened, however, that our favorite obscure name garnered no mention: Troglodyte Homunculus anyone? (Jezebel)

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