5 Things To Know This A.M. — Nov 23 2011

You've already seen the custom Chanel dress Momma Monster wore to the opening of Gaga's Workshop, but if you weren't the lucky few who got to see the magical world inside, (believe us, it was great!) check out more here. (Fashionlogie)
We miss Amy Poehler's antics on SNL but her banter with Will Ferrell temporarily fills the void. (Jezebel)
Watch the giant cartoon balloons blow up before they haul ass down Manhattan.(Gothamist)
Not a fan of attempting to survive the streets of NYC come Black Friday? How about braving an outlet mall?(Racked)
Oops! These fashion-hungry Versace x H&M fans camped out for the collab's debut in stores and got mistaken for OWS protesters. (Fashionista)