On A Shoestring Budget? Everything's Under $40 At This Warehouse Sale

If there’s anything that’ll get us whipping out our ATM cards, it’s those crazy good cash-only deals exclusive to warehouse sales. Well, get ready to withdraw two Jacksons, maxLucca Couture’s hosting a Spring '12 blowout sale, and everything’s priced between $5 and $40. Shop Lucca Couture, Isabel Lu, and A+RO, all at some pretty jaw-dropping prices.
Whether you’re the type to buy entire racks, or you’re looking for that one clincher, cash in on a shopping spree that’ll keep both your closet and your wallet fat. You were planning to update your summer wardrobe anyway, so why not do it for pennies on the dollar?
When: Friday, April 20 to Saturday, April 21, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Where: Lucca Couture, 629 East 30th Street (between Trinity and South San Pedro streets), 323-846-3600
Photo: Via Lucca Couture

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