Give Your BF Or BFF Sweet Deals When You Splurge On Yourself

Even though today is all about love, no relationship is as picture-perfect as that Hallmark card. Chances are you and your partner have a good ol' squabble every now and then, and have likely fought over money at least once. While your significant other might not understand your need to have a pair of Loubs, and you might not get his or her need for a $200 jar of rare sea salt excavated from a secret underground cave, you can now at least agree to disagree about your spending habits with the arrival of LoveSpoils, the new, NYC-based site that rewards your love for the things you buy. When you shop a store like Rent The Runway through the LoveSpoils site, you'll get rewards points that your squeeze can then use to receive discounts on LoveSpoils' exclusive items and promotions. Not too bad, huh? And, don't think that this is a site just for lovers: Sign up with your BFF to help each other get the wardrobe of your dreams, or even go solo and keep all of the goodness to yourself. Either way, we see major wins all around. Anyone want to sign up with us?

Photo: Via LoveSpoils