Lover Come Back! Dynamic Aussie Duo Delivers A Lust-Worthy Spring Line-up...

It's no secret the torch we hold for Sydney-based design house Lover (designers/partners Susien Chong and Nic Briand). It's not so much that we can't get enough of their impossibly cute, sexy cotton dresses or their expertly cut blazers—it's that it's truly awesome to see how beautifully the collection evolves and gets more gorgeous from one season to the next. So, as you can imagine, we did some major ogling over their most recent look-book. It's safe to say it makes us feel a bit gluttonous, but when forced to choose, we're putting dibs on their must-have linen shorts suit, the College waistcoat with Campus pleat jeans, and the most incredible Liberty-print one-piece bathing suit ever. Better Lover's spring collection than Percoset, right?


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