What The Louboutin Photo Filter Will Do To Your Selfies

Photo by Landon Peoples.
Last week, Louboutin introduced us to a line of lipsticks that raises the price ceiling on luxe cosmetics to a whole new level (each tube sells for $90). So it came as a surprise that the company's newest product is free. Called "Louboutinize," it's an app, downloadable from the Apple store, that can apply three filters across your Instagram photos. A "Rouge" filter makes your photos so red, it looks like you walked into a photo-developing room and snapped a #shoefie. Another, called "Legs," superimposes a set of gams onto the lower part of your torso, using a gallery of stock imagery that ranges from limbs belonging to a ballerina to those of a horse (not joking). And a third, "Crystallize," lets you distort the living hell out of something into what looks like broken glass (or, perhaps, the bottles of Louboutin nail lacquers that launched around this time last year). But sadly, none of the above will turn the bottoms of your shoes into red soles.
The brand plans to add new filters every month — including one for men — and is committed to showcasing the most creative submissions on their website weekly. At the touch of the lightning bolt, your photo is ready to be shared on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and the app automatically saves a copy to your phone's photo library. Innovative, for sure, but this venture into fashion tech doesn't seem to serve the same purpose that their other, all-inclusive projects have in the past. And yes, the concept is pretty cool, but — look at what it did to my face. We'll be on the lookout for the next round of filters and keep you posted (get it?).
Photo by Landon Peoples.

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