Cool-Kid Claymation: This Hilar Silverlake Scenester Video Is A Must-Watch

Sure, we’ve been there — reaping the side-effects of the night before, revisiting every play-by-play with our BFFs. But no one masters the art of the hangover quite like Silverlake’s indie counter-culture. They have a unique gift for making morning-after shenanigans look ridiculously chill. Even the cool-kid claymation iterations of their next-day nonchalance are spot-on, as seen in this tongue-in-cheek video of three animal/insect pals (how does that work?), boasting about their extra-obscure night.
The snail is slightly tardy to the hipster party, naturally. But once they all convene, the three share their tales — deciding who had a trendier time, from jolly name-droppy jaunts ‘round town to grubbing on scrumptious kale salad. This stop-motion portrayal may be exaggerated, but we feel like it's also amazingly accurate! Peep the funny flick and decide for yourself.

Video: Via Buzzfeed.

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