Can This Polish Really Stay Perfect For A Week, Sans Top Coat?

A manicure that lasts a full week with only one coat of nail polish? Please. Do pigs fly? Do dogs speak? Just kidding, but seriously: We have majorly gotten our hopes up in the past when new polish lines hit the shelves, claiming to wear perfectly for seven days, only to have our hopes dashed when the color chipped away in three or four days like every other lacquer before it.
So, you can't blame us if when CoverGirl's new Outlast Nail Gloss arrived on the scene, we were excited but seriously skeptical. It certainly sounded promising — a nail polish that you could apply with just one coat and no topcoat and still get long-wear benefits, in colors that were bright and vibrant. But, we knew we'd have to run this through our Beauty Test Lab to see if it truly stayed flawless for a full seven days. So, we tapped R29's lovely assistant photo editor, Ida, to put the polish to the test — tune in to see how it did!
CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss, $5, available at

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